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Select contacts from the main screen

Selected contacts can be determined through the navigation bar in the main screen.

In this case, selected contacts has a total of 100.

To select contacts from the main screen:

  1. Use the find icon and search for contacts.

    The search result will be automatically selected. For example, you search for contacts with the name Portia. The software has three contacts with the name Portia. Selected contacts will then be a total of three in the navigation bar from which you can navigate.

  2. Go to the Group Contacts area by clicking the icon.

    In the group contacts area, there are several groups to select contacts from: one-click groups, memorized groups, on-the-fly groups, to-do groups, and agent-assigned groups.

    One-Click Groups click the name of the group to select contacts

    Memorized Groups select which memorized group and click the Go button

    On-the-fly Groups click the number of the contacts with checkmark on that number

    To-Do Group click either the T or the D button where the contacts are assigned

    Agent-Assigned Group click either the Find Not Done or Find Assigned button where the contacts are assigned