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Setup agent instructions
  1. Decide if the Agent is going to be able to send / receive messages If so, then check the Active Agent box.

  2. If the Agent is NOT in your local Network but in another place, city, state, etc. check the External Network box.

  3. In the External ID field enter the ID of that Agent. For an External Agent you must request the Instant Messenger Agent ID from the External Agent. The Instant Messenger Agent ID can be copied to the Windows clipboard by opening the Instant Messenger and clicking the COPY ID button at the top-left of that window. You will paste it in the External ID field by clicking the P button to the right of the External ID field.

  4. In the External URL you will enter Be sure that you have gone to the Setup->Internet are and posted the FTP files to your website before setting this field. Now, other people can use your External URL or vice versa you can use theirs.

  5. The External URL field MUST be used and prefixed by http:// if you want to communicate with any External Agent (not in your network) or a contact (always considered external.)