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Create a set of autoresponders
  1. Click the button

  2. Enter the name of the set or group of autoresponders to be created

  3. Automatically, a default template is added for this new group of autoresponders

  4. Select a template by clicking the Assign button.

    Notice that there are three other template fields under the main template field. The top template field is the autoresponder to be sent to the client or contact. The other three below it are for the contact's affiliate based on the number of level on its left side. You can check the contact's affiliate level in his referral field of the contact information section expert view.

  5. Once a template is selected, the template's details such as subject and content will be automatically entered in the respective fields.

  6. Add another template that is to be sent next by clicking the button

  7. Set the number of days the template will be sent after the previous one.

  8. Do this for the other template to be added.

  9. Then, assign the contacts whom the autoresponders will be sent to.